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Slovenian Translation Services

Slovenian Translation Services

Slovenian is spoken by an estimated 2.4 million people around the world, and is one of the official languages of the European Union. The majority of Slovenian speakers are located in Slovenia itself, though minority speakers can be found in countries such as Hungary, Austria, Italy, Serbia and Croatia, as well as others. There are many regional variations and dialects of the Slovenian language, and there are differing levels of mutual comprehension. There are actually around 48 different dialects, and many differ quite dramatically from the standard Slovenian language regarding grammar and vocabulary. Slovenian translation services are in high demand, to bridge this language gap not only amongst the dialects, but with non –Slovenian speakers globally.

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Slovenian Translation Services can cover a wide variety of applications, including:


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Tourism Assistance with Slovenian Translation Services

Slovenian translation services can assist with ensuring any tourist can travel through Slovenia without too much difficulty or stress. Maps, brochures, hotel and tourist attraction information can be translated from Slovenian to any other language, decreasing the instances of getting lost or confused. Simple words or phrases translated by Slovenian translation services can make a trip more enjoyable, enabling the consumer to make purchases or enquiries with less difficulty. With mountain ranges popular with skiers, lakes, valleys and caves, there is much to see and do in Slovenia. Historic castles are also a popular tourist attraction, and pamphlets translated from Slovenian give the traveller much more in depth information about the history and culture of such sites.


Slovenian Translation Services for Ordering Cuisine

Slovenian cuisine is a mixed bag of Central European, Mediterranean and Balkan cuisines. Traditionally, Slovenian cuisine was divided by cultural and natural landscapes, thereby resulting in more than 40 regional cuisines. Recipes are predominantly one-pot meals, and Slovenian translation services can provide useful information on what is in each dish, so that not only does the consumer know what they are ordering, but also to prevent any possible complications due to food allergies.