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Interpreting options

Face to face

In many cases, accurate and fast interpreters can make all the difference. If you look for live interpreting options, you should consider our face-to-face interpreting services. These services are specifically designed to support interpersonal communication in two languages in various events. Our face-to-face interpreting services are made by native speakers, and provide involved individuals with high-standard live translation of the content into their chosen language..

Consecutive interpreting Services

We also offer consecutive interpreting services. These services are designed to meet your needs for interpretation at a live event. Consecutive interpreting services allow the speech to be said and then separately interpreted right after it is spoken. This is the best option for communication of important messages at live events. The audience does not miss the original content, while understanding is facilitated by interpreting into their own language.

Simultaneous interpreting Services

Do you need simultaneous interpreting services for a live presentation? We offer some of the highest quality interpreting services in the industry. Our interpreters can interpret live events quickly and accurately. Keep your audience engaged in your presentation by offering them simultaneous interpreting services in order to enhance their enjoyment of your content. In addition, your audience will not feel like they have missed any of the important content just because they are experiencing it in another language.
These three interpreting service options allow you to choose the interpretation option that would be the most suitable for your event and effective for your audience. It’s upon you to decide, which option would be most effective. Regardless of what option you choose, we will always make sure that we provide the best possible interpreters and that the interpretations will always be accurate and timely, and will not miss any of the content in your presentation that you would like to have translated for an individual or audience.