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Professional Translation Service

We are a professional translation service offering high-quality translation services at the best prices. Our experience goes back to 2004, when the first translating company was established. We support with various translation services hundreds of business and professional clients all over the world, covering a wide variety of industries. Our translation, interpreting, proofreading, localisation and other services are provided in more than 70 languages.

Our clients deserve the best service. Therefore, we work closely with our clients in order to properly understand their needs and provide them with accurate and consistent translations that meet their requirements for quality, accuracy and cultural appropriateness.

Manual Translation with Proofreading Service

Our translation services are done by hand. We work only with native speakers of the language you request. They can carefully review your documents and provide you with high quality translations. Our manual translation services are completed by proofreading and subject to multiple checks in order to release the most accurate translations, completely free of errors.

EUROCOMIT3 offers proofreading also as a special service. Before releasing a business or legal document, you should make sure that it is well-written, free of errors and reflects the style and appearance of its organisation. Our professional proofreaders are trained to locate and correct errors and enhance the quality of your documents in any of the languages we work.

Sworn Translation Services

In some countries, documents translated for legal purposes are only accepted if the translator is registered as a sworn translator or holds a special certificate providing attests to the translator’s qualification and translation accuracy.

We work with a network of certified and sworn translators operating in the countries where such services are legally required. Our translators have submitted their oaths and will sign your documents with their seal. We hold a database of most frequently used forms of sworn translated documents, which is regularly updated. No matter if you need translated documents to marry in Bali, take a job in Mexico or be involved in court proceedings in Montenegro, our sworn translation services will ensure that translation of your documents will be accurate and meet all legal standards.

Machine Translation services

Sometimes, clients require translations to be made very quickly or even in real-time. Other clients may require large volumes of translation where editing is not necessary, for example where translation has to provide just basic level of understanding or in case of very short deadlines. In such cases web-based tools might not be the right solution, particularly so where confidential company data is involved.

EUROCOMIT3 can provide you with fast and efficient machine translation services based on our workflows with or without post-editing. We use translation engines based on our own or client’s existing translation memories or glossaries enabling us to manage terminology and translate large volumes in very short time. When editing is necessary and possible, e.g. for large legal documents, machine translation is always completed with manual editing and proofreading involving specialised native speakers with significant experience in the required field.

Urgent Translation Service

Where translations are necessary to be done in very tight deadlines, we are your first choice. We believe that we have some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry. We work with a network of freelancers that are able to work 24/7. We can set-up an ad-hoc group of relevant translators to cope with large translations in shortest possible deadlines, with no harm for the quality of translation. We can guarantee that your documents will be ready for you quickly, while still maintaining the highest professional standards. We are available for your enquiries 24 hours a day all over the world. Simply send your documents to our service and specify your deadline. We will respond promptly and get to work immediately, enabling you to meet your deadline.