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EUROCOMIT3 was established in 2004 in Maribor, Slovenia. We are a team of experts boasting ten-year experience in translation, interpreting and proofreading services covering all types of documents in different industries.

Over these years, we have translated millions of words into and from over 70 different languages for different clients, including businesses, banks, non-profit institutions, international organisations and individuals.

EUROCOMIT3 provides translation, proofreading and interpreting into and from over 70 different languages. Translation and proofreading include different types of documents covering a wide range of industries, be it simple documents or comprehensive materials written in professional languages, and different editable and non-editable formats.

Our international translation services include also website and product localisation, helping our customers to increase their competitive edge through their multilingual materials.

EUROCOMIT3 works globally, as a network of freelancers, native speakers, based in every market we cover by our translation services. Such a business model enables us to work 24/7, delivering personalised service for each of our clients, irrespective of their industry, location, the size or the type of documents to be translated.

Our business philosophy is based on quality, flexibility and customer care.

We apply rigorous recruitment policy. Our translators have at least six-year experience in translation, interpreting or proofreading in related industries. If necessary, we are able to set up a team of international translators to provide multilingual translations or proofreading for special needs.

Our standard workflow includes discussion of the translation task with our clients in order to understand their specific needs, machine or hand translation (depending on the type of document and translation required) by a native speaker specialising in the relevant industry, proofreading by a native speaker, and final editing of the translated document.

Our quality management process ensures prevention of errors, and enables us to keep-up with the most recent technologies and maintain the highest possible standards. We appreciate your feedback helping us to improve our services in order to provide you with the best customised solutions.