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Hungarian Translation Services

Hungarian Translation Services

The Hungarian language is also called Magyar, and is the official language of Hungary. Hungarian is also natively spoken in areas of other countries, such as Austria, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, and the Ukraine. It is one of the more complex and difficult languages to learn, and is spoken by around 15 million people worldwide. There are 8 different Hungarian dialects which add to the difficulty of obtaining accurate translations. Because of the complexity of the language, Hungarian translation services are an essential requirement for appropriate translation and understanding of any documentation.

Hungarian Translation Services

Hungarian Translation Services can cover a wide variety of applications, including:


Important Information on Hungarian Translation Services

This complex language is quite unique in how it is written, spoken, and structured. Hungarian translation services personnel must have an exceptional understanding of the language, not only how it is spoken, but also the social and cultural ‘rules’ associated with the language.

Hungarian is a very inflected language, and there can be up to 238 forms of nouns. The meaning of words or their function in sentences is altered by the use of different prefixes and suffixes. There are often several forms of suffixes, and the correct one is chosen depending on the vowels which are used to compose the word.

There are also many varying rules surrounding adjectives, verbs, and nouns, and Hungarian translation services are required for many forms of documentation, including internet web-based documents and sites. Hungarian has four levels of politeness, and different forms of address are used for people of different statures and relationships to the speaker. This is very important for the translator to understand, particularly for web-based applications.


Tourism Industry and Hungarian Translation Services

The tourist season in Hungary is generally from April through October. Budapest is one of the most visited cities in the world, with beautiful scenery and a fabulous spa culture. To ensure easy travelling, a list of common phrases prepared by Hungarian translation services can help make sure the trip is an enjoyable one.


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