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Interpreting Services

Legal Interpreting Service

Do you need help with interpreting legal contents? Our legal interpreting services can help you to change your legal content into another language for your clients. We can provide legal interpreting services at the location of your choice, ensuring convenience for you or your clients.

Business Interpreting Service

Our business interpreting services are designed for small, medium or large businesses and can respond to multilingual requirements of your business, providing you a competitive edge in the global economy. Our business interpreters are experienced in business settings and will work professionally to meet your needs. Our interpreters are always accurate and reliable. You can count on us to get the job done correctly and for a reasonable price.

Financial Interpreting Service

Our financial interpreting services are designed for the financial industry. Whether you need interpreting services for your investment business, a bank, or any other financial service, we can help you with our interpreting services. We are here to service your clients in their native language, enabling you to do business faster and to achieve higher sales.

Insurance Interpreting Service

Contents that need to be interpreted for the insurance industry clients are often quite complex. Our insurance interpreters provide insurance interpreting services in more than 70 languages, and we guarantee the accuracy and reliability of our services. We have worked with major clients in the insurance industry, and we have significant experience in all types of insurance interpreting services.

Healthcare Interpreting Service

Healthcare interpreters are available to meet your needs in the healthcare industry. Our healthcare interpreters work in hospitals, healthcare establishments and a variety of other settings in more than 70 languages. Our healthcare interpreting services are available 24/7. If you are looking for quality healthcare interpreters for your clients, we are here to help you.

Engineering Interpreting Service

We provide engineering interpreting services in 77 languages. If you need interpreting of complex technical content for your foreign engineering partners or clients, we can provide you with experienced engineering interpreters specialising in many different engineering fields at your choice.

Local government Interpreting Service

Local government interpreting services are available to assist you with interpreting of court or government proceedings. Our interpreters are trained and certified for provision of such services and you can rely on their accuracy. Our government interpreters perform professionally in a variety of settings including courts, government offices, local communities and other administrative bodies.