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Swedish Translation Services

Swedish Translation Services

The official language of Sweden, as of 1 July 2009, is Swedish, which is quite similar to Danish and Norwegian, the main difference being pronunciation. Despite the differences, most Danes and Norwegians can understand Swedish. Historically, the southernmost part of Sweden was part of Denmark, so this area has its own dialect. There are five minority languages recognized in Sweden, which are Finnish, Meänkieli, Sami, Romani and Yiddish. Because of the different dialects and minority languages, Swedish translation services can ensure any documentation is translated for the right audience. Most Swedes also speak English, as it is a compulsory school subject, a practice first implemented in 1849.

Professional Swedish Translation Services

Sweden is a wealthy country, with a strong economy and very high standard of living, as well as a modern business environment, which are all attractive features for international companies wishing to expand into the Swedish markets. Britain has strong commercial ties with Sweden, and large trade flows also exist with Germany, Norway, the United States, Finland and Denmark. Despite the wide knowledge of the English language throughout Sweden, professional and business documentation highly benefits from the use of Swedish translation services, to keep the lines of communication open and clear. Natural resources exported from Sweden include hydropower, timber and iron ore. Dominant industries in Sweden are motor vehicle manufacture, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, machinery and appliances.

Swedish Translation Services

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Swedish Translation Services for Travel

Sweden is located west of the Baltic Sea in Northern Europe, and boasts a long coastline along the Gulf of Bothnia. This area is also referred to as the Scandinavian Peninsula. Sweden is separated from Norway by the Scandinavian mountain chain Skanderna, and Finland is located to the northeast. Denmark, Germany, Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia all have maritime borders with Sweden. With easy access to Sweden from so many countries, Swedish translation services are required for any travel documentation or immigration documents.


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