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Quality Assurance


Quality Assurance

We guarantee the quality of our translation. We only work with professionally trained individuals to ensure that your translations are accurate, free of errors and are delivered on time.

Our quality assurance will guarantee that you will be satisfied with the services that we provide. We translate in accordance with EN 15038 and  ISO 9001 translation standards. We manage the process with the XTRF tool, which is fully adjusted to translation standards. XTRF contributes to the quality of our work and substantially reduces the number of errors. However, all translations are checked for quality.

The main benefits of XTRF are:

  • Portal for customers and suppliers

  • Automatic project workflow

  • Automation of all repeated work

  • Automatic catalogue structure creation for pricing and project management

  • Email sending module

  • Automatic project ordering

  • Complaint management


Translation quality check involves a number of controls:

1. Translation revision, a bilingual review of terminology, to ensure that the translation is accurate and precise. It involves comparison with the source text, use of specific glossaries provided by the client, if required, etc.

2. Proofreading of the translated document includes correction of grammatical, spelling and linguistic errors, checking of correct spelling of proper names, and cultural localisation issues, such as currency, date, numbers, etc. Proofreading also involves style control to ensure that the translation reflects the style and tone of the source document.

3. Editing control to ensure that the translation layout matches the source language document, including pagination, headers and footers, margins, graphics positioning, the use of correct fonts, etc.