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English Translation Services

English Translation Services

English is the third most common language in the world, with over 380 million people using it as a first language, and up to 1 billion people use it as a second language. It is widely considered a global language, despite Hindi and Chinese being the most commonly used languages worldwide.

The use of English language in cinemas, airlines, science, broadcasting and the internet in recent times has increased the need for English translation services.

English Translation Services

English Translation Services can cover a wide variety of applications, including:


Business and English Translation Services

Varied forms of English are widely used and understood in many European countries. Because the US and the EU both have strong economic ties with countries throughout the globe, English-speaking nations are a leading force in commercial and financial markets worldwide. With the US being a large importer of products such as machinery, consumer goods, automobiles, food, beverages and industrial raw materials, there is a plethora of opportunities for international trade with America. For European and other non-English speaking countries to make the most of these international trading opportunities, English translation services are essential for providing effective and efficient communication between these nations.


English Translation services Competency

An experienced and competent translator should have the following attributes:

  • Excellent knowledge of the written and spoken language from that he is translating from.
  • A very good command of the language that he is translating to.
  • Subject matter familiarity.
  • Deep understanding of the idiomatic and etymological correlates between the two languages.
  • An excellent sense of when to translate literally, and when paraphrasing is appropriate.

English translations services should be provided by a translator who not only is bilingual, but also understands the cultural references of the language that is both being translated to and from. There is much more to translating than just the understanding of the words and grammar. This is why human translation remains the most reliable form of accurate translation, as opposed to machine translations.


Our Guarantee


“We guarantee that your translator will be a native speaker of the required language holding relevant qualification and having significant experience to provide the highest quality translation”