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Croatian Translation Services

Croatian Translation Services

Croatian is the main language of Croatia, and is also spoken by Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as by smaller groups in neighbouring countries. It is made up of 4 main dialects, each one relating to a specific area:

  • Shtokavian – Southern and eastern Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Chakavian – South-western Croatia, Adriatic islands and few mainland communities (rarest form)
  • Kajkavian – North Croatia, Zagreb (capital), and communities in neighbouring countries (Romania, Hungary, Austria)
  • Torlakian – Communities in Bulgaria, Macedonia and Serbia


Croatian Translation Services can cover a wide variety of applications, including:


Our Guarantee


We guarantee that your translator will be a native speaker of the required language holding relevant qualification and having significant experience to provide the highest quality translation”.

A qualified and experienced native Croatian speaker will be able to determine which dialect would be the most suitable form of the language to use when translating from English to Croatian. Failure to use Croatian Translation Services could result in misrepresentations and misunderstandings, which would be detrimental under any circumstances.


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Croatian Translation services and Internet Marketing

Despite the devastating impact of the Croatian War of Independence which ended in 1995, Croatia is now referred to as a High-Income market economy. In particular, the tourism industry has grown rapidly since 2002. Through the use of Croatian translation services, businesses can now translate their websites into Croatian and have a chance at cornering the lucrative Croatian market. Likewise, translating a Croatian website into English creates a tremendous ability to attract global consumers. The use of a reputable Croatian translator is necessary to ensure the language is used correctly, so that it is clearly understood, and eliminates any potential legal grievances due to misunderstanding.


Business Resources and Croatian Translation Services

Croatian is ranked at 44th place amongst the most spoken languages around the world. That is a lot of consumers that could be reached by using Croatian Translation services to translate business resources and marketing materials, such as brochures, catalogues, correspondence and of course, web pages. In the current global economy, more and more international companies are finding the need to communicate, and with the help of Croatian Translation services, this corner of the world can indeed be reached.