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Website localisation services

Website localisation services


Multilingual websites – your best way to approach international markets

Website localisation means getting your website prepared for use on a global scale, across languages, cultures and online behaviours. If your website is targeting a foreign market, you need to provide proper presentation of your products and services in the local language, grammatically correct, and with consideration of local cultural demands.

Eurocomit3 Translation Agency works only with native speaking translators who have adequate expertise in programming, linguistic and cultural issues.

Ensuring correct, appropriate and accurate translations for your target audience is just a little part of our website localisation services. Our qualified team of native translators and other properly qualified experts with several-year experience will take care of every aspect of your website, in order to make sure it meets the expectations of your customers when browsing it in their own country.

Under website localisation services we cover:

Content, language and style – We check for all words, phrases and metaphors whether they work in the target culture. The localisation must adapt the language, style, tone and the message content to suit target customers.

Pictures, tables, charts – Do your target audiences expect lots of text or they prefer images and charts? We can carry out an investigation to obtain relevant information. If your target customers prefer visual contents, we pay special attention to images, tables and charts, and optimise their use to make the content of your website attractive and meaningful for the target audience.

Navigation – We are aware that different website visitors tend to use websites in a different manner. Easy navigation is a key for good performance, and localisation has to meet local expectations if you wish to keep visitors on your site. Our experienced experts will help you to steer your website through any linguistic tangles, to ensure your message is communicated clearly and appropriately.

Data – The most important thing to consider in the process of localisation! Localisation considers on-site data, such as dates, times, currencies, phone numbers, units of measure, forms, and much more. All of them shall consider local rules and habits, and have to be adjusted accordingly.