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Finnish Translation Services

Finnish Translation Services

Finnish is a Finno-Ugric language and not an Indo-European language, and because most translation software is developed to suit Indo-European languages, human Finnish translation services are necessary to ensure translations are done correctly. Finland is a bilingual country, and often documents will need both Swedish and Finnish translation to reach the intended audience. An experienced translator will know and recognize the two main dialect groups in the Finnish language, the Western dialect and the Eastern dialect. There are very minor differences between the two dialects, which may not be obvious to an inexperienced translator.

Finnish Translation Services

Finnish Translation Services can cover a wide variety of applications, including:


English to Finnish Translation Services

The vocabulary is much smaller than the English vocabulary. Generally the English translation will have a much higher word count than the Finnish translation. With less equivalent words available in Finnish, complete sentences may have to be rewritten, so it is essential to use professional Finnish translation services.

With so many international words having no equivalent in the Finnish language, the translator must be able to understand root words and definitions to ensure the translation is correct and understandable.

English grammar is quite different from Finnish grammar, in that Finnish does not use prepositions the same way that English does. Double prepositional phrases for example can prove to be quite a challenge for accurate translation.

As the Finnish language does not use a lot of extra words, it can sometimes come across as abrupt or curt, therefore an advanced translator is necessary to make the document read and sound the best it can without causing unnecessary offence or embarrassment.


Business Needs Finnish Translation Services

One of the most famous and successful brands to come out of Finland is Nokia, and Finland is well respected in the high-tech industry of telecommunications. Finland also lies in the centre of a rapidly developing marketplace, due to its long border with Russia. With 80 million prospective consumers formed by north-western Russia, the Baltic Republics, and Scandinavia, Finnish translation services are necessary for accurate international communication.


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