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Polish Translation Services

Polish Translation Services

The most widely spoken language of all the West Slavic languages is Polish. Polish is also spoken in other neighbouring countries, including regions of Russia. By using Polish translation services for documents, websites and advertising materials, the potential audience is approximately 46 million Polish speakers.

One of the main difficulties when translating Polish to English and vice versa is the differences in sentence structure between the two languages. Often it requires alterations in translation, to ensure the Polish sentence holds the same meaning as the English sentence. The Polish language is quite formal and stiff, which can cause problems with translation as there is no playful or “free” style of language that is equivalent to an English middle-of-the- road text. Polish words are also usually longer than English words, so the text translated into Polish will take up more space.

Polish Translation Services

Polish Translation Services can cover a wide variety of applications, including:


Polish Translation Services for Emigrants

An estimated 15 million Poles live outside of Poland, and many are in non-Polish speaking countries. There are large Polish-American communities located in Chicago and New York in the United States. Searching for employment is the most common reason so many migrate and settle in other countries. Relocation and subsequent job searching requires Polish translation services for birth certificates, visas, green cards, financial and business documents. Any government documents in particular require Polish to English translation, and must not contain any grammatical or spelling errors.


Other Uses for Polish Translation Services

Medical documents and prescriptions translated from Polish to English removes the possibility of drug dosage errors and medical emergencies.  It is also important for Polish medical information to be translated to English so as to prevent any delays in necessary treatment when attending an American hospital for example.

Businesses wishing to expand into the Polish market can utilise Polish translation services to ensure the right information is accurately portrayed. Brochures, websites, emails and other business documentation should be translated to Polish for more effective business and consumer communication.


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