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Translation Methodology

Translation Methodology

We do our translation by a variety of methods. We offer manual only translation, which means that an individual will review your documents or content and translate them only by hand using their own knowledge of the language. These documents are then reviewed to make sure that they are accurate. We can also do machine translations using the latest software and other tools to bring you accurate translations.

The translation methodology is up to you to choose. We work with you to provide only the most accurate and reliable translations of your content or documents so that you are satisfied.

Project Workflow

Project workflow consists of a number of steps, always starting with a project analysis, during which project requirements, including delivery requirements, are gathered and the client’s objectives confirmed. This process also involves the analysis of the client’s original documentation and the preparation of glossaries, reference materials, TMs, etc., if needed. The process is managed with XTRF, an automated project management tool fully adjusted to translation standards.

The project analysis stage is followed by the project planning, including preparation of files for translation, resource selection and project schedule definition.

During the linguistic process, the documents are handed over to linguistic expert(s) for translation. Linguistic experts are carefully selected depending on the language combination and translation domain. Most frequently, they use SDL Trados Studio and Atril Deja Vu tools, in many cases also MemoQ and Wordfast. The use of translation tools enable them to manage glossaries provided by the client or a selection of glossaries and term bases developed by ourselves.

Translation, revision and proofreading are done by professional native speakers.

Translation is followed by the revision process focusing on the verification of consistency of terminology and linguistic accuracy. It includes the in-house review and quality check with the client. The text is revised as appropriate and TM updated if required. The proofreading process involves control of spelling, the style and local cultural issues. Following that, we provide editing control to ensure that the translation layout matches the source language document.

As the final step, the final client approval is obtained, his satisfactions assessed, information archived and the completed project is delivered in the requested form.